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    Hello all. Been out of the Webos loop for a while, I kinda stopped following it when HP basically decided to give up on it. Anyways, I had a Pre + which I enjoyed very much however the keyboard randomly stopped working and I was already past my 1 year warranty. I'm coming up on my contract renewal and was wondering about how Webos is looking in terms of possible future devices. Since my Pre+ broke I've been using an old refurb Android phone which I picked up mainly to see what all the hype was about. And TBH, having used it I've found that I really don't care for it. I've also played around with the iphone and don't really care for it much either but would probably pick it over Android. Is there any hope to hold onto in terms of Webos coming back in the near future or should I just jump ship over to Android or IOS?
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    There are no guarantees, but there is hope. I think we'll all get a better idea when the open source project is completed later this year.

    In the meantime, I suggest you get a Pre 2 or (better yet!) a Pre 3 (what I have) on Amazon or eBay. That should hold you for at least another year -- at which time we'll all know more about the future of webOS.

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    Difficult but not impossible.
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    That being said... I hold to YES. There is always a chance for anything happen.
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    Thanks for the input guys . I originally bought the Pre + because I really love the os as well as the community(IOS and Android "multitasking" pales in comparison to Webos). I also had a Centro before my Pre+ and really liked that as well. I was able to look past the lack of apps and somewhat sluggish performance because I was hoping that things would improve. Palm botched the launch of the Pre, was struggling as a company financially, and in many ways on it's last leg however I was hopeful they would figure out the situation. Then HP bought Palm and I was really hopeful that things were going to turn around and as a result stayed faithful. Then they announced the Touchpad(which I did buy and currently still use/enjoy) and I really thought things were going to get better. However despite all that, things never really did pick up. Then HP botched the launch of the Touchpad and Webos in general to the mainstream, and subsequently publicly killed off Webos (IMO). That was pretty much the nail in the coffin for me.

    So in hindsight, I guess me asking if there is any "hope" for Webos returning wasn't really the best approach lol. I understand there will always be hope that it returns, but I guess what I was trying to ask is how likely does it look like it will return ie have any hardware companies publicly announced that they want to buy Webos to put on their devices? I've been reading up on precentral since I last posted and from what I've seen it is my opinion that the return of Webos does not seem likely(unless I've missed something). I understand that they open sourced the OS however I honestly don't see that as a viable option to make Webos mainstream again(by mainstream I mean being able to attract devs, consumers, and a hardware manufacturer). And especially after how HP was so quick to to shun Webos, it's starting to seem like the return is less and less likely
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    That being said... I hold to YES. There is always a chance for anything happen.
    I have to agree with Newman, We all are holding on an answer to be YES! But considering we are talking about HP(a silly computer company), I'm not so sure about a bright future beyond the releasing of the codes to the open source community that will be happening later on this year. And with the release of more than 250 employees out of the WebOS palm team(due to HP firing them), makes it even doubt more the future of this platform. I think in my opinion, that even releasing WebOS to open community, HP at least should give this old-aged WebOS 3.0 platform a decent software upgrade to WebOS 4.0. That way, it could somehow make it competitive among other software platform out there, and it may encourage cellphone manufactures to make WebOS phones.

    In a different note, isn't strange that not even a single manufacture had express not even a single interest to say about utilizing WebOS into their future phones. Do understand that WebOS still under development with the Open Sourcing the operating system into the wild, but it doesn't make it fair to say that not even a single phone manufacturing company(Whether HTC, Samsung, LG) to consider at least expressing an interest to having an another open source platform.
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    Why would any major mobile carrier go with WebOS at this point? Notification and multi tasking mean little if the rest of the WebOS experience doesn't improve by a lot.

    WebOS is pretty much abandoned at this point while other companies keep updating and improving their OS. WebOS keeps falling further behind every day.

    I am a fan of the promise of WebOS but after 3 years it's never lived up to it's promise.
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    Well, Apple just "walked-in" with the iPhone
    With enough effort ($$$), smarts, and luck, just about anything is possible
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    To me, it is plain and simple: WebOS was a failed business venture. There is no need to get emotionally attached to it. I really liked it, and even developed some apps. But I don't think it is going anywhere.
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    I don't think webos will ever be back in the mainstream. That said, I love my Pre 3 and TP and will be a webos user for the forseeable future...
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    Define "mainstream?" Right now webOS can hope that it will be able to carve out a niche in the mobile device market the same way that Linux has carved out a niche in the desktop/laptop market. That took years and compared to Windows and OS X, desktop Linux is still a hobby OS. But it has not died and it is used.

    Right now the trick is to just stay alive and keep in the game. You can't take advantage of opportunities if you are not in the game.
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    WebOS isn't in the game. There are no devices being built today that use WebOS.

    To stay in the game you have to be in the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnld View Post
    Why would any major mobile carrier go with WebOS at this point? Notification and multi tasking mean little if the rest of the WebOS experience doesn't improve by a lot.
    Which experience would that be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LizardWiz View Post
    Which experience would that be?
    Using WebOS as I do every day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterdev View Post
    If you want hope, do a search on PhoneAlley. Details are on the main page.

    umm.. I went to phone alley and this is what I see:
    PRESS RELEASE: Open webOS Project
    As we begin and focus on our new project, all distribution and trade will be suspended.

    ... I need MORE ..............what else do you know?

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