Hi, all!

Well... I'm changing my work style, and I'm missing many things that I has easy in my old Treos. So, I gonna ask some help in somethings in this forum that never forgot us:

=> GTD - What is the "best" GTD option? I really love if there was some option to insert/mix the spectacular "Natara - Bonsai" in calendar! WOW!

=> Online Memos - Okay, the native memos cannot sync with cloud or anything. Believe me, I like him, but I need access in other places, too!
So, what is the best option to have my memos in many places? I has bought the "Notes" (Inglorious Apps), that I like, but... how can I say... I like pero no mucho. So, what is a best option: Notes (Inglorious) or TapNote or something else?
PS: Please, don't say to I test and choice for myself! I did, but the confusion continue...

=> Simple and online sync database - I need to create a log about my service to customers. Something as: I go until some client, register who, when, why, what, how and leave filed. BUT more important, I wanna to open or make some backup in my desktop when I need. Have you some suggests?

Serious, dudes... my real problem is that I have no time to taste everything, erasing and begining from zero each time...

Is not that I want everything ready and chewed... is just that we have some members with more experience in this uses than me!

Best Regards...