I'm working since some days on connecting my Touchpad to my NAS.

I can connect to my NAS contents with BHome or UPNP AV Player, they work fine, but now I try to have CIFS mounts in order to scan easely with many tools the NAS folders

I insalled the last Uberkernel
I modified the fstab to mount my NAS root folder under
/media/internal/nas and under /var/palm/jail/com.kalemsoft.ksmplayer/media/internal/nas

Mounts are OK
I can see the contents of my NAS under the two new folders .. with xterm, Internalz ..
If I use kalemsoft, i can see all the video .. that's nice !! I can also listen to music with kalemsoft .. great ..

My concerns are:
- is there is a way to see photos with the "Photos & Videos" application?
- Same with Music , can I use the internam Music Player of WebOS ?

I don't know if I need to do more (like mounting in the jail folder for kalemsoft), or relaunching the media files indexer ?
Do you know how the "Photos&Videos" application scan the Touchpad ? and when ?

If not is there is a nice tool to browse Photos over CIFS and launch a nice slideshow ?
And is there is a nice tool to listen to music over CIFS ?

I heard also about Network Drives, but before going to install too many applis or patches, I prefer to open this post ..

Hope it will help other people

Thanks in Advance