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    I think that webOS needs a logo.

    Now that Enyo itself has a logo everyone involved with webOS is using it non-stop. The problem is that the Enyo logo isnít the logo for webOS. We could use the HP logo to represent webOS but in my view thatís not correct.

    HP is a corporation with a lot of different divisions and a heck of a lot of products. What if HP started selling Android based devices? It would have the HP logo on the product. The Veer, Pre3, and TouchPad also have the HP logo. General consumers are so clueless that they would start to confuse webOS and Android, I guarantee it!

    That could be both a good and bad thing. People who like Android could buy a webOS device thinking its an Android device. People who donít like Android (me) would not buy a webOS device thinking its an Android device.

    SoÖ to avoid this whole possible confusion I say we as a community come up with a logo for webOS!!

    What do you guys think?
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    If/When this Android Compatability Layer becomes available the whole android/webos "device" will be so blurred that webOS vs android wont matter as wed have the best of both on webOS, the better/smoother OS with the gap filler apps from android (the only good thing they have and ever had except being a free OS).

    besides doesnt webOS use simply the graphic equivalent of its name as a logo already?

    used that very image for my boot logo's or maybe your after something with more graphical eye candy.
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    "'Form follows function' ó that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
    Frank Lloyd Wright
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    Lets just use an apple.

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