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    Quote Originally Posted by ajs26 View Post
    WebOS 2.2.4 (I have a Pre3 on Verizon) definitely IS compatible with BMWs (I have a 2012 528i) and it works fine for phone and contacts - and playing music.
    That's encouraging. Do you mean music can be streamed via bluetooth? Can messages and email be downloaded to the car? Does it transfer ongoing calls from the phone to the car and vice versa?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    Here's the thing: I'm glad Topolsky keeps referencing webOS. Its not wasted time. Sooner or later some hardware manufacturer is going to take a look at webOS and decide that its worthwhile supporting this over android (with google-owned motorola purchase).
    Until then, lets continue to support webos-internals, as they will be the main engine driving anything interesting that happens with webOS (it will not be HP beyond completing the opensource roadmap they published)
    What's actually the norm is Josh or someone manages to bring up webOS in nearly every Vergecast. And it's usually to the tune of "I told myself I'm not going to talk about it" but they end of talking about it. Josh was a very big supporter of webOS. Even when Ruby went on his engadget show and showed him pre3, he voiced that pre3 will be his next phone. Even when HP cancelled pre3, he commented on one Vergecast the fact that he had a pre3 right there next to him and how badly he wanted to use it (although that reference was more to the tune of how unfinished pre3s software was).... I think when Open webOS comes up and alive and we start seeing some new devices, he'll be one of the first to take the dive.
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    I have a feeling josh will always use an iphone no matter what
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    I have a feeling josh will always use an iphone no matter what
    He's been using the Nexus S as his main phone for a while now; I think he might have a Galaxy Nexus, too.
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    Really, didn't think that would ever happen. I stopped following them for a while
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