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    I'm pretty sure that everyone have seen or played around a device like an iOS that has built-in Airplay technology. According to information from Apple, such technology allows for wireless streaming of audio, video, and photos, together with related metadata between devices. That's such a useful feature that I gotten to enjoy with my iOS devices to stream content using Airplay without any wires to any connected device around the house. Even though those technology that Apple uses still proprietary codes which only way of possibly acquire such a usage of those codes will be under a license. Seeing the talent at the WebOS team, still don't manage to understand Why the stupid people of HP can't put their thoughts together to create a similar technology for their mobile devices that utilizes WebOS. Specially that Apple has added the ability to mirror whatever it is(on your TV), playing on your screen on their iOS mobile devices.

    Having to own a device like the HP Touchpad for quite a while, its very frustrating to know that there is no way to transmit data to your mobile device to a TV. And its so strange there hasn't been a single company that has gone into developing some sort of AV composite cables that uses the microUSB cable system like those found on the WebOS devices. Been looking everywhere, but somehow there is no luck finding any accessories(for WebOS devices) like Apple had with big manufacturing companies that helps them to create iPod accessories to plug into radios, TV, among others.

    Still unbelievable that HTC has come with something so cool as this thing that was announced recently, and HP still behind in almost everything that has to do with WebOS. I wish that the tons talented engineers of Palm could someday introduce a device like HTC Media Link, but instead to the WebOS platform.

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    Cant help that bid war that HP got in with Dell for that cloud company may have had something to do with a function just like that before Leo FUBARed it all up.
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    Apple is big enough with their market share to do proprietary protocols. The rest of the industry has to use industry standards like DLNA. The HTC video is most likely a combination of wifi, DLNA and other industry standards --- and marketed by HTC under a HTC brand name. What you see on the HTC video is actually Mobile High-Def Link.

    The most wicked demo is actually the TAT demo with 5 Playbooks, a camera in the ceiling and a large TV in the back.

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    By the way, AirPlay is magical. Like about every new Apple protocol it is just some creepy combination of HTTP and encryption.

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