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  • A general index would be great!

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  • Good idea, but I donít need this.

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  • Newcomers should keep to asking in special.

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  • Iíd suggest to do this, but in another way/at another place.

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    Hi all,

    I lately stumbled over many posts regarding terms explanation and general understanding issues—naturally from people who are new to webOS. I’m not new to webOS, but I sometimes have to look up terms and especially abbreviations used in this forum—which is THE source if you want to know anything about webOS! Even in the Internals wiki there is nothing like that.

    So my thinking is to provide kind of an index for newcomers, as I find it very important to give them a good head start, because new users is what webOS will need for the future, especially to wake up manufacturers.

    It also would be great to have this index translated to other languages. And links to the main threads regarding these terms would reduce the number of posts with same issues.

    What is your opinion?
    @Derek Where should we put this?
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