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    my pre- died, so I had to break down and get a new phone. Got a Samsung galaxy 2 epic 4g and I have an aneurysm everytime I use it.

    I'm tired of having to deal with the non multitasking and how it seems I have to go through 5 steps to actually close an app.

    I'm tired of notifications not giving me any information.

    I'm tired of the stupid widgets that are just large icons.

    give me a webOS phone with good hardware and apps and there is no reason its not the best phone out. Oh yeah the tap to talk is a great feature too, sometimes.
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    Yeah... it does take a bit of getting used to... You never really get over your webOS addiction really. I keep my inactive devices on wifi so I can keep using them when I need a fix, or an app that I don't have on Android (yeah, I went there )

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