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    Got issue for randomly have Restart Required message on screen,
    Once i reboot , the choose language screen will show, and can't select any language, seems the touch screen are not response. stuck at this screen.
    keyboard restart can work (wight + sym + r),but come back with the language screen again , touch screen not working, can't do anything about it.

    Tested several method, not really solve the problem unless doctor it. but the Restart required message will come back again hours or maybe days....

    Tried methods:
    1. install touch screen driver
    2. try skip first use

    my 2.1.2 veer and even after i upgrade it to 2.2.4.....
    phone unlocked (not in US)
    account info are OK on the palm profile website,have no problem access app catalog .
    No patch installed, APPs: preware , internalz Pro [usually have more, but there was once with only these two installed]

    Another clue:
    Phone stucks randomly, actually i can still operate it ,but like browser app will not display any bookmark usually on the default screen, can't open device menu,
    not display any notifications. physic buttons[power volume silence] not working,
    not reponse to any incoming calls....most of the time when it stuck , i can open the app launcher , but when click on an app, it lighten up for a while(longer than normal ) and then doing nothing, not open the app. A reboot can recover it, but after a while , it stuck again.
    is this related ? any fix?

    As you all knew , it takes 3min40sec to restart it ... and i have to do it constantly, also, if i didn't found it stuck, it will not ring me any incoming calls......
    after reboot , the missed message and calls are not in the message/calls list.....

    This thing almost kills me. Help Please!
    Thanks All
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    It's possible you have a hardware issue. there are device diagnostics: Device info -> app menu -> Quick tests or Interactive tests. Try those.

    Otherwise i'd say try doctoring to 2.2.3 or whatever the latest official release is.

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