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    can any of them run on webos? I have a PalmIIIc and manymany good apps for that it possible?
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    If you're asking the question now, the answer is probably that it's too late. There IS an emulator called Classic that was available for webOS up until about October. The developer, MotionApps, stopped development when webOS went to version 2.x and eventually turned everything over to HP -- who have not done anything with it. I believe the 7-day trial is still available, but in October, MotionApps said they would no longer unlock any trial software (i.e., you can't purchase it any more). It's a shame.

    There are threads on here about getting Classic to work on webOS 2.x. Search for Classic and you'll find the latest info.

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    Classic on webOS 2.x

    Hopefully you have a Pre 2; Pre3 resolution is an issue go ATM. It takes a bit of work but its worth it and will not only be many times faster than the IIIc, but the hi-res (320x320) will look much better too.

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