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    Until Android 4.0 came out with all the rip-offs of Web OS (i.e. cards) in it, I felt Web OS was still at that time the most superior mobile OS available, especially since I've personally owned IOS, Android, Blackberry, and Web OS.

    With that said I will be the first to admit that Android has moved past Web OS in functionality. Ironically I still do not think IOS has though, and I base that on my wife's Iphone 4 that I can't stand using.

    So since I refuse to pay the outrageous prices of VZW and AT&T, I bought a Palm Pre 2 unlocked and I'm using it on the Simple Mobile Network. I love paying $40.00 for everything unlimited and even have my mobile hotspot. Granted, the supposive 3G speeds are terrible, but I'm in wifi pretty much all day.

    So as for [imgreenlantern2] I'm sticking with Web OS, and I plan on sticking with them for as long as SM is $40 a month, or stays at a reasonable price.

    If Open Source Web OS takes off, I might even by a semi new unlocked Android phone and port the OS over if its good enough.

    So whose staying on the bandwagon and not giving up on Web OS?

    Does anyone want to make some serious money? Make an app that seamlessly lets you flip between Android and Web OS open source when it comes out. Hardware is getting so damn fast that that should not be a bottle neck anymore. DO IT AND MAKE US ALL HAPPY AND YOURSELF RICH!
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    I am after giving android and IOS a try. (which suck by the way) nothing compares to webOS interface. The others just don't come close.
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    I would definitely go the Android route. My wife has a Iphone 4 and a Ipad 2 (the phone is to be cool like her friends, and the Ipad 2 is for grad school. They only use Ipads. Unbelievable...anyway...).

    I do not like IOS. They are so damn strict, make you sign into your apple profile to literally do anything on the phone to "verify" who you are...blah blah. Go Android.
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    android looks nice and shiney but i still dont like navigating it or using it on a daily basis, all i end up doing is playing a pointless game on it then abandoning it, going to remain a webOS fan for a while yet.

    and i prefer something vastly more open than iOS.
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    there's just something special about webOS that I can't point a figure at. I carry an ipod touch with me at all times, used to use vzw's free mobile hotspot on my preplus and now free tether on my pre2 to access certain apps. Yet I use my pre2 for browsing/email etc.. I tried using my wife's old samsung fascinate for a week- within 5 days I was back to my pre2. Both of those other devices are so far ahead in hardware capability and apps than either of my webOS smartphones, yet I still come back to webOS.

    call it an addiction, I don't know. At some point I will make the switch out of necessity- esp if there are no new webOS smartphones in the next year...but I'm not looking forward to it.
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    You guys are stuck with me, no way around it.
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    I'm in it for the long haul :-)

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    PalmOS-------------------webOS-------------------Android (just waiting for webOS to rise again!)
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    yeah, I'm trying to stock up on webOS phones. I've got numerous HPre2's but no HPre3.(damnit) having no PayPal account really really hampers my abilities to get one in colorado. I believe I'm the (sigh) only webOS user in this darn town. I am unique I guess! I still look every single day for a HPre3 in the craigslist ads.
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    I bought a second Pre3 as backup. Nuff said.

    And wile ICS has further caught up webos I don't see it as surpassing webos. YMMV.

    If HP keeps to the plan webos will be wonderfully free and accessible by September. I like that.
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    6 month old TouchPad, brand new Veer...... No plans for moving anytime soon.

    Tried both cm7 & cm9, both removed now but will probably check out the latest cm9A6 release and see if it's better than the cm9A0. More for fun than anything, I always come back to webOS.

    Almost thinking about picking up another Veer.

    Side note, I think it's funny all those that griped about the magnetic charger/earphone adapter. Seems to be a hit amongst people I've showed. Personally I think it's pretty slick......Touchstone as well.

    @Balooz if you have a bank account, you can get a PayPal's pretty easy to set up.
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    I will probably get the Sumsung Galaxy Journal when it comes to Sprint. But I will closely follow webOS OS, and since I know webOS-Internals VIP's (at least one) are getting Android, my hope is that there will be a path to dual booting webOS and ICS on a device?? I can dream!
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    I just bought a second pre- as backup.
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    It doesn't have to be so strict and philosophical. There's nothing wrong with moving to other platforms like Android or iphone and come back to webOS when newer webOS phones are released with Open webOS (we can only hope).
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    Quote Originally Posted by imgreenlantern2 View Post
    the Simple Mobile Network. I love paying $40.00 for everything unlimited and even have my mobile hotspot. Granted, the supposive 3G speeds are terrible, but I'm in wifi pretty much all day.
    I thought if you used mobile hotspot on Simple Mobile (and other MVNOs), they are pretty strict about it and will text you with a warning to stop it. No?
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    Lots of webOS devices (only thing we don't have at least one of is a Pixi) and don't have the +'s. Plan on being around for a long while.

    Might load CM on to my "dev" TouchPad to help dev friends beta test their ports to android. Have used iOS and android, they aren't for me. I also want a physical keyboard, so all webOS devices work for me.

    Oh and as sledge said above, the Veer is an awesome phone and the mag connectors are not a downside IMHO.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Gonna try to hang in there, have to see how it goes.
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    I have a Pre2 and my Pre + is still there for a backup. I will go the ebay route if need be and will stick around for another year or so in hopes another WebOS phone is released.

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    I am using a FrankenPre2 on Sprint. Tried an EVO Shift 4G for a month but came back. I keep it around for one app (Anki), which I might pay someone to port. I will buy a Touchpad soon too. Would love a hack to boot on newer hardware some time.
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    I don't really have much of a choice, do I?
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