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    only way would be if android could adopt all the functionality/fluidity/multitasking of webos.
    it might happen one day, but I don't think cm9 is 'there' just yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by i2y4n View Post
    I'm going to switch to a Nokia Lumia 900 and on AT&T. That way if webOS starts picking up again all I have to do is just pop in a sim and go.
    So - you are moving from a platform with small market share and an uncertain future - to a platform with a small market share and an uncertain future? ;-)

    Good luck
    Pre -> Pre3 & TP32 -> Nexus 5
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    loving my pre2 and will sail or sink with webOS.....if you want my pre2 you have to pry it from my cold dead ear or hand
    32G Touchpad
    iphone 5 on sprint wouldn't leave a good relationship
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    I am not giving up my gesture area, advanced gestures, stacks and just type (especially now that I have a vk so I can search without opening the keyboard). And I like my drop down menus exactly where they are on webos. I have brand new pre2 for backup so I am good for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crux666 View Post
    Had a Palm Pre on Sprint in 09 now using nexus s 4g but if new hardware comes down the road ill definably get it, just in time for contract to expire next august. So only using a TP to remember the feel of WebOs.
    I am not as in love with webos on the touchpad as on the phone. Count me in for the long haul for phone webos.
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    I'll jump in and say I'm staying too, ending up with webOS was a very happy accident, I was on my 3rd android phone and very happy with it (original galaxy s), unfortunately was left unemployed and had to sell it, luckily my other half came across a new pre- in January last year for a crazy price and my love began.
    I moved on to a pre 2 when ebuyer sold them for around 50 new and later bought a galaxy s2, this lasted around a week before I moved back to the pre 2 and I purchased a pre 3 from cleverboxes at launch and now also have a panda veer and a touchpad. My old hardware has gone on to convert friends to webOS too.

    I'm hoping to be with webOS for a VERY long time as to me its just perfect.

    Proud webOS supporter!
    My Palm history: Vx, Centro, Pre-, Pre 2, Veer, Pre 3, Touchpad 32Gb & Panda Veer
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