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    So lets say Open Source Web OS takes off. Hardware manufactures start to actually install it on their phones or make it available. Could "Palm" the entity ever come back into existence?

    I'm assuming not since HP owns all their patients right?
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    not unless hp sells it or spins it off as a separate company

    kind of sad. i remember having one of those old palm pda devices. the one with the yellow monochrome, non-backlit screens :P
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    I've had palm devices since the Palm IIIxe (Palm V, m105, Tungsten, TX, Treo 680, Pre+) and currently rock a Pre3 and 3 TouchPads. Thus, I'm anything but a Palm hater. With that being said, Palm was a failure as a ongoing entity. And, while its great technology lives on in WebOS, I can't imagine any benefits with associating future hardware or software with the Palm name.
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    He'll no it couldn't. Besides you really wanna go through the rollercoaster ride again? Its best to just let that name fade away. Move on! Nothing you'd wanna see by that name anylonger.
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    The Palm brand is probably ruined. And it was ruined by many, many people.

    I would like to see the Palm's PalmOS idea's live on - real PIM deeply integrated into the operating system, syncing, offline caching.

    I'd also like to see Palm's WebOS idea's live on - gestures, cards, just type, multi-tasking, etc.

    Wouldn't it be nice? In the meantime, I have my Pre3 and my Touchpad. Happy.
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    Sadly, no.

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    Conceptually, yes, it could. It would require the cooperation of HP in some way, either by them reviving the Palm brand themselves or selling the rights to it.

    Realistically... no. HP closed it down, and then lit it on fire when they killed the hardware. Palm is dead, and it's not coming back.
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    What a waste that would be if it doesn't come back. The most logical name for an handheld device.
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    "Palm Open Source" <=> Palm O.S.?

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    its the best name for anything handheld
    im sure we will see it in some form in the future
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