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    I just found out about Frankenpre this weekend. I went on ebay and bought a verizon Pre, should get it in less than a week...Last night, My sprint Pre port came out on the end of my charging cable. I have no way of charging it. My Sprint had the latest software updates, but am not sure if this will affect the actual process of changing the phone over to the Vzw Pre. Please help and thanks in advance!
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    You're changing from a Sprint Pre to a Verizon...Pre? Pre+? Pre2? I'm assuming the latter.

    In any case, to my understanding all you need from the Sprint one is the COMM board--after that you won't be using the Sprint Pre at all unless you need to reactivate it.

    If you do still need to charge it, however (do last minute backups or something, I suppose) there some reason why a Touchstone wouldn't work?
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    thanks for responding...I dont have a touchstone door to charge my phone..My main concern is that I would have to download something to my old pre, if it involves hooking it up via USB, because of broken charge port. So after I frankenpre the verizon pre, I will be using the verizon's port to charge it? Also does the Verizon pre take 5 minutes to turn on like the Sprint pre? Thanks again for the info!

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