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    Mark Shuttleworth Blog Archive Introducing the HUD. Say hello to the future of the menu.

    Pretty exciting news if you, like me, are a both a webOS and Ubuntu user.
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    Personally, I like menus. As the article notes, "they serve as a map of the app’s functionality... They are always in the same place... they are pretty fast to read since they are generally arranged in tight vertical columns."

    I never use Just Type to find an app. I always use the launcher.

    I also detest the Ribbon Bar, primarily because it loses the third trait I quoted above: it is much harder to scan than a menu, especially when it's not obvious which ribbon something is on. Non-thematic bars like "Home" are not helpful in this regard.

    As an alternative way of helping the user find a function, I think the "just type" approach. More options suit more types of users. Windows 7 basically does the same thing. As a replacement for menus, I think it would be a mistake.
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    That happens to be my next upgrade (jumping from LTS to LTS)
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