I gave my beloved Pre + to 77 year old mom. She is very computer savvy (used to teach software and do more with her windows system than my 20 something son) but she has never used a smartphone.

She is NOT going to use it as a cell phone, but IS using its apps to sync with Google Calendar, listen to music, etc when she is home or at a hot spot and be able to read and update her materials when she's at doctor's appointments, meetings, etc. In other words, she's using it to replace the last hand-me-down I gave her: my Palm TX.

My question: I mailed it to her, but she needs to clear my data and enter hers. I would normally wipe it, but there are lots of things I have on there that she will like and because I am no longer on webos (yes, I'm a traitor and went ios) it's fine for her to sync and backup to my old synergy backup account.

I can no longer find the 'intro to webso' info that used to be on this site. Can anyone else find the links?

Any suggestions on how best to clear out the system without deleting all my apps?