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    With everybody suing each other for Patents shouldn't the value of WebOS be increasing. And I can't get why two dieing companies don't meet. Good Hardware/Bad OS RIM --- meet Bad Hardware/GREAT!!! OS HP ( thats what everybody says, I love the Pre design)
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    Companies are suing eachother BECAUSE their platform is successful.
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    webOS I think should be owned by people who know what its worth and capable of, like the preware and internalz group and webOS nations. Then it would be even more awesomerier. Damnit. (hypothetically and sarcastically speaking that it.) I know its not possible.
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    In some ways my Pre is very comparable to the DMC 12. Disappointing performance, build quality issues and poor management decisions. Time to buy an import?
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    For the young'uns, DMC==DeLorean Motor Company. The 12 was the car in Back to the Future.

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