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    With webOS going open source and HP redoubling their development efforts to support the endeavor, one might look to their phone or tablet and suddenly start seeing areas in which webOS could be improved. There are wholesale changes and additions that could be made to the OS or small tweaks to a particular part of a specific app or even alterations made to the back-end services that uses don't see. So we thought we'd actually go and take a look at where those alterations could be made - it's the webOS wish list.

    First entry: App Catalog changelogs. It's a small item, but really, how hard could it be?

    What else?
    "'Form follows function' that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
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    more/better filters in the app cat (owned/rating order/date order/price order etc etc).

    dont have "updated" apps go to the top of "new" apps (because erm their not new?)

    better/more features for the bluetooth keyboard (moving cards with arrow keys was 1 step closer to being good)

    on the phone app cat (pre3 does this anyways), have apps you have purchased appear as "Free" the same as the touchpads app cat does, instead of showing the full price still.

    proper bluetooth features (so i dont look a moron not being able to send stuff to friends/family while they can to me)

    arrange for ACL to become integrated or buyable from the app cat for end users.

    (add more later when i remember more).
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    Return to an open source App Launcher that would allow patches from webOS Internals to allow the users to control the number of Icons, add or delete named pages, hide the quick launch bar, glass effect and other user configurable options to customize the launcher.
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    On the touchpad

    I hate having the Back button in the App catalog.

    When I am browsing the catalog, I don't want to go "back" all the time.
    I just want to look at the app description in a sliding pane,
    then move the pane over and see the list so I can look at the next app.
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    Good stuff.

    Yeah, TopHatt, the back button has always bothered me. It's a jarring incongruity with the rest of webOS 3.0.
    "'Form follows function' that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
    Frank Lloyd Wright
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    Fix WebAppMgr, please. That memory leak is just plain unacceptable.

    A phone out of the box should not need a replacement kernel for its memory to be usable.
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    Every 'smartphone' should be smart enough to automatically make a birthday event + alert on the calendar when we write it on contacts
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    +1 for geekpeters list.

    -Bluetooth Filetransfer
    -arrange for ACL to become integrated or buyable from the app cat for end users.
    -more/better filters in the app cat (let me add in the preferences to not show apps made by XY or with the term "sexy" in it).

    +add your Contacts birthday to the calendar
    +add msn and jabber (without the patch) so it can be configured without deleting and readding
    +let me add another language to autocorrect on phones
    +this awesome advanced Wavelauncher (second Wave)

    there's much to do - so let's get started!

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    updating the stock web browser to make it a better experience to use. or work with another company to port theirs to webOs (you can find opera on the nds of all things so i dont see why we cant get something ported to webOs)

    getting an acl license to allow us to use android apps

    more bluetooth flexibility, so we can attach more bluetooth devices like controllers

    more printing flexibility, so we can print to other wireless printers

    talk to hulu again and let us watch without resorting to patches

    update the version of flash we have. the current one is really, really old.

    flexibility to customize our tabs in the UI (add/remove/rename etc)

    add a more robust media player like vlc
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    +1 to geekpeter, JED-WEB-OS, and Proximity.

    +An update to the app catalog so it could return partial results almost immediately (similar to how the Android Market works - it returns the top items in the filter and then has the option to expand it further at the bottom). Would like to see this be the default behavior for any long list that relies on network data results - it would eliminate a lot of hourglass (rotating circles).

    +Want to reiterate how important getting some sort of ACL is - this would be the most desirable feature to add
    +improvements to the default web browser interface - bookmarks, tabs, etc
    +Though they work in the browser (!!!) would like to see apps for Amazon Streaming Videos and Music Cloud Player
    +Not really a software change per se, but would like to see user interface programming guidelines for apps that specify whether the back button should be at the top or the bottom of the program - webOS is pretty consistent UI-wise but this is an obvious gap (there may be others but this one is not handled consistently across many different 3rd party apps particularly on webOS 3.x where there is no back-swipe gesture)
    +Faster bootup (PLEASE!!!)
    +A photos synergy plugin for Flickr

    Will update if I think of more items.
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    My Biggest issue with webOS is that Facebook Chat and MSN are not included in Synergy! Would really like to see FBC and MSN as messging options, even if this is through jabba.

    Also what is ACL? been mentioned a few times above me
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    - Make the Agenda-Exhibition-App respect the settings of the calender app (i.e., don't show all calendars but just those selected in the calendar app)
    - support ical-events via email
    - support zip
    - Quickoffice should be able to handle csv
    - use a an up-to-date version of webkit
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    + Improve payment methods on the App Store.
    Accept paypal or
    Accept international credit cards or
    Create a prepaid card (like the Nintendo points cards) or
    Allow web developers to accept payments from people in those countries outside the catalog.

    Whatever you do, it should be able for webOS users abroad to purchase easily apps on the App Store, not only those people living in catalog countries. We want to support the developers but we cannot. We cannot purchase though the catalog, and the developer is forbidden to accept our money on the side outside the catalog, and not all developers use donationware.

    This needs immediate fixing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Proximity View Post
    -arrange for ACL to become integrated or buyable from the app cat for end users.
    Quote Originally Posted by ccx View Post
    getting an acl license to allow us to use android apps
    In addition to the ACL App from OpenMobile that will allow us to run Android Apps on webOS, I'd like to see the HP App Catalog expanded to include Android Apps. That way android app developers can sell their apps directly to webOS users via our integrated App Catalog, HP can take its cut and earn revenue from it, and OpenMobile can get license fees for all the webOS users who install the ACL App. This would be a win-win-win for absolutely everyone.

    We've got a petition going to encourage HP to get this done - check it out and let your voice be heard loud and clear!

    Petition Link: We need Android Apps on webOS!
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    Scrolling inside frames/widgets within the browser, in WebOS 2.x. It works on the Touchpad. On 2.x, you can only scroll the entire page, you can't scroll elements within the page (like maps embedded on the page).

    Autocomplete and passwords saved in the browser so I don't have to keep logging into the same sites over and over again.

    Fix the browser so it can load pages in the background, rather than putting them on hold until they are in the foreground.
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    Cursor keys on the on-screen keyboard!!! (touchpad)

    WebOS phones should have a slide-to-answer gadget, not accept/reject buttons when a call comes in and the phone is locked. My Pre 3 has done random things when a call comes in and the phone is in my pocket. Sometimes it picks up, sometimes it rejects, it depends on which button thinks it was pressed in my pocket first.

    A dedicated task-manager.

    Google maps.

    For the Pre3, a voice dialer that doesn't crash the whole audio subsystem.

    Music apps should be able to exclude or hide certain folders of your choice so as to hide non-music sounds from the player.

    The music app should have had built-in equalizer controls since a hardware equalizer apparently exists on both the Touchpad and the Pre3.

    I should be able to drag and drop photos from one folder to another in the photo app. I should be able to select multiple photos and copy/move/delete them without having to do so one at a time.

    The browser should be able to keep in memory at least one page in history as opposed to having to reload/redraw it every time, especially on the touchpad. I can understand if memory is low, but if you have no other apps loaded and only one uncomplicated web page, it shouldn't have to reload a page when you go back.

    A much better VPN client that allows for an RSA SecurID. The current VPN client makes it very difficult to use one.
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    photo app with different options to order the photos. Rigth now is unusuable.
    bluetooth pan to pair the touchpad with a mobile to access internet
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    great idea :-) ! We should do this right. And by that I mean get the absolute basics for a smartphone right. For example:
    1) autocorrect needs to be global, and accept e.g. scandinavian special letters(TP&Pre3)
    2) use of bluetooth headset for 5 hours should not result in the phone mic going mute (pre3)
    3) OS should be able to run much more smooth(all)
    4) WiFi needs to be more stable conn-wise (TP & pre3)
    5) Region and other country specific settings has got to be worldwide. It's gotten from bad (ver. 1.x) to far worse.

    i bought a Pre- in 2009, and recent got me a Pre 3 and a Touchpad. I choose to ignore the shortcomings of webOS because of how easy it is to use. However I find it is getting harder to ignore.
    I'm confident going open-source is the best thing for webOS, but to gain traction it needs to cover the basics of the competition.
    WebOS still makes sense.
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    the ability to choose one or many of the weekly new released phones with webOS on them!
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    another issue came to my mind:

    +extending the headset-backend to be able to fully use non-oem wired headsets.

    Tested my Pre2 and a veer with a ultimate ears 200vi headset: no mic, no volume control
    (working: Sound,Play,Pause,Next,Previous and opening the voicedealing app)

    Where should i start reading/practicing to get some things on my list done?
    I've got coding skills in Pascal so, general understanding of code is here. But where to start with java and the awaiting amount of source code?

    Any ideas?

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