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    Good stuff folks, good stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    I want to be be able to choose where the newest app launches. Previously it used to be to the right of everything, now it is to the right of whichever one is centered. So depending on what's on the screen when the newest one is opened it could be anywhere, no order is what I'm saying.

    Personally I would like it to be to the left of everything. Some may prefer something else, so what about some options, and how hard would it be?
    Sure about that? How far back are you talking?
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    hold down, when selection rectangle appears, drag the upper left hand corner marker or the lower right hand corner marker. Same as all the other touchscreen systems.

    Pretty sure that someone's written some decent clock apps, haven't they? Seems like there's a million of them.

    unified app settings is really annoying. I really hate that about iOS.
    Text selection in webOS isn't bad. It's just without any way to consistently and accurately select a point where you would like to amend in text means that it's almost not worth trying. And if we're comparing to other major platforms - like you have been doing - then both iOS and Android have a magnifying glass effect which is massively helpful. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of directional keys on the keyboard (of course, on webOS phones this is a completely different story). We just need one of the two. Couple that with being able to scroll the URL bar in the browser, and I will be happy.

    I currently have all major platforms sitting here in front of me, and the only keyboards with arrows are the desktops
    Just because other platforms don't have a useful feature, I don't think that is a reason for the feature not to be included - a good example of this is the numbers that are always available on the SW keyboard. That's a feature I use probably every day, yet when I switch back to Android or iOS, it isn't there.

    The inclusion of specific core apps is a must for me. I shouldn't have to go to the App Catalog to find a decent stopwatch, timer, reminders, weather etc etc. This is the same issue as the Calculator or the Camera not being originally included in 3.0 - it was widely thought that such apps are a prerequisite of a modern mobile OS. Here again, other major platforms have these as standard.

    The Unifed Settings app I am in two minds about, so I take your opinion. I just find it frustrating that if I remembered I want to look at another setting whilst I was in a particular setting (e.g. I am setting the clock and then I want to go and add another wireless network, or bluetooth device) that I have to go through a process that takes more than just a simple button press to enter another setting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    Sure about that? How far back are you talking?
    I am pretty sure prior to webos 2.0 that's how it used to be. They changed where new cards open at the same time when they added stacks, took away the minicards and made it so one can't fick away cards that are not in focus (at the side)

    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong
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    Seriously? if it hasn't been obvious by now:

    -Decent Alarm Clock that allows for Custom Time or at least have it in 1min increments.
    -Music Player: Allows for Playlist Creation
    -Bluetooth Support:'s 2012, even the cheapest 30$ phones from 3 years ago could send files via bluetooth.
    -Memory Handling: Phone losing 12% battery sitting on idle with screen shut off.
    -Decent SMS Auto-Correct: It has the intelligence of a highschool kid in grade 10. Lets make it smarter, shall we?
    -Applications: Stop making us pay 5-6$ for apps that make you wonder, "Why am I paying for this shi*? It should be standard, it should come as an update!".

    The list goes on but these are ONLY the basic things. This is what the user expects to see in the 2.2.4 Update not More Bugs. Google is starting to put its foot into RIM now, who's going to push forward WebOS?...
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    Revolutie - which version of webOS are you talking about? 3.0.x has minute adjustable alarms, and the functionality to create a playlist...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Isandunk View Post
    Revolutie - which version of webOS are you talking about? 3.0.x has minute adjustable alarms, and the functionality to create a playlist...
    As far as I'm aware only the TouchPad uses 3.0. I'm talking about cellphones, Palm Pre, Palm Pre 2, Pre 3, etc.

    Lets face it, If I were to buy a Pad of any sort, it would be 1 that runs Android and probably the Iconia A510 due to NVidia's Tegra 3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crabbz View Post
    - PIM apps that are up to par with the old PalmOS PIM apps.

    Basic PalmOS features from the late 90's, that somehow didn't make it into WebOS: import calendar entrees or contacts, easy backup/restore data, ability to quickly sync thousands of events years into the past/future, export calendar events, export contacts, search any PIM application...

    Calendar date chooser instead of the damn scrolling dates...

    Times easily selected from 15 minute increments, or 5 minutes... How often will my meeting start at 4:17?

    Ability to beam business cards/calendar items/applications locally, using bluetooth (ok, that one didnt' come until the early 2000's).
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    Fix enterprise wifi in 2.2.4 so that it is possible to connect to PEAP/MSCHAPv2 networks such as eduroam, which is used at a lot of educational institutions.

    A TouchPad running 3.05 _can_ connect as there are more options available in the wifi preferences there.....
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    How about the capability of having a tech being able to connect to my touchpad or palm phone and to be able to fix software or patch issues or tune up. If it was possible a tech could make some serious money. Some people can't afford to wait for forum answers and they don't have any "no how" to begin with.
    Its just a thought.... Maybe it goes against the rules...
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    There should be a mirror on the back.

    Ok, if I must be serious, I think some bug fixes would top my list. I'm hungry for many of the new features previous posters have mentioned, but both my Pre- and Pre 2 suffer from the following issues that helped drive me to Android for a few months:

    -web pages occasionally only partially load, leaving a gray void below some arbitrary point on the page.

    -browser cards occasionally blank out (go all white) either immediately upon loading, or upon returning to the browser from card view.

    -deleted e-mails occasionally re-download immediately after being deleted.
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    most of the previous comments are good. May I add:

    Two words: Netflix!
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    Awesome post idea. If only Palm had asked for such a thing back in 2009 (and actually listened)!

    For me, PIM is #1. That said, I am not asking for the re-instatement of hotsync -- I realize we live in a world of cloud-connected devices, etc...

    That said:
    -Calendar Performance on current WebOS is abysmal. When rendering data direct from the on-device database, things should be snappy. I've waited 30+ seconds sometimes for data to load / display.
    -Tasks and Memos apps: WebOS should have real apps out of the box. Not the jokes we natively have. Reference point: Chapura stepped-in and made what we should have originally had.
    -For those who use Outlook and are not blessed with ActiveSync accounts -- there should have been some PalmCloud method of handling Device <--> Web <--> Desktop client integration
    -For those of us WITH ActiveSync, the protocol needs to either support Tasks/Memos, or, the above-mentionned tool should be available to fill in the gap.
    -Universal search. Including all PIM data.
    -Ability to share calendar events with other users (Inviting other users hasn't worked too well for me).
    -All of the Ubercalendar stuff should have been delivered stock.

    The funny thing -- I've used my Pre+ for so long, I've actually started to forget / ignore some of the irritating things.

    The sad part: when the day comes that my aging device wears out, I'll miss WebOS horribly. But, until then -- I'll continue to enjoy.
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    Bluetooth mouse support!
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    from my personal wish list for webOS:

    - Plain-Text-Mail
    The mail format is HTML. The mails are not sent multi-parted, ie with a text-only mailer you see nothing but an empty e-mail. I prefer to write my mails in plain text and to read mails with monospaced fonts.

    - GnuPG
    It would be comfortable, if the webOS mail app would support encryption and decryption of GnuPG mails.

    - Polled IMAP folders
    When fetching mails new mails in folders and sub folders are not retrieved from the server. Although querying all IMAP folders for new mails might be an unwanted feature in many cases, it would be great to have such an option, especially if you run sieve scripts on your server.

    - Changed IMAP folders
    If folders are added, moved or deleted from the Server, the folder list in the mail app does not update. There should be an option to rebuild the folder structure on demand.

    - Archive attachment extraction
    A built-in archive attachment extraction facility would be nice and should support as many formats as possible.

    - To Do Synvergy
    With Synergy we have one of the most sophisticated multi-account frameworks which allows us to bring together information from different accounts into one application. What is heavily needed are a buch of To Do List / Getting Things Done providers for Synvergy, eg for 'Google', 'Remember The Milk' and 'Toodledo'.

    - Missing chat protocols
    Not that I like them, but some popular chat protocols are still missing in the list (MSN eg). A better management (multi identities, OTR encryption, more differentiation with online status) would be welcome.

    Aside from that:

    I wish I could choose in Preware a language other than the system language.
    Cheers, Vince
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    if i remember correct, the touchpad 32gb has an usb host controller integrated. how about some support for audio-interfaces and ext. video-cards etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopHatt View Post
    On the touchpad

    I hate having the Back button in the App catalog.

    When I am browsing the catalog, I don't want to go "back" all the time.
    I just want to look at the app description in a sliding pane,
    then move the pane over and see the list so I can look at the next app.
    At least you don't have to scroll back down and find where you were at over and over like you do on Apple devices... Ugggh! I hate that!
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    If you add an option to turn auto correct on and off (3.0.5), then make it global dang it!!! I don't want any of the text assist functions working if I turn it off, and if I have it on, I want all text assist functions to work everywhere!!! Yes, even in the browser! I want to be able to replace exgm with, and right now, I can't...
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    Some great ideas there folks - glad to see people still thinking about improving the OS. I love my Pre 3 but there is always room for improvement:

    - I'd like to see an option to freeze / lock the orientation of my pre3 screen - so i can see the screen if I'm lying on my side in bed
    Web Browser:
    - page loads in another card, but when I switch to the card, the page vanishes and needs to reload - very annoying and the old pre didn't do this!
    - can hold the sym key when tapping a link to display open in new tab menu - I'd like it to open a new tab by default.
    - flash doesn't always load properly, so much so that I mostly try to avoid using it.

    - The symbol key has always bothered me since WebOS 1.x - I'd like a better indicator of when the keyboard in symbol mode vs text mode vs next char symbol mode.
    - in addition if I type 3$%- I'd like auto correct to suggest did you mean to type 'this' or did you want to switch to text mode.
    - I've never really liked the card grouping idea. I'd like the option to not use it - the 'un-group cards' idea is good.
    - I had so many issues trying to use yahoo mail in the email client that I gave up!
    - a browser password manager would be awesome - I've NEVER purchased an app - but I would buy this one. (we have a captive wifi portal in work that I need to constantly enter the pwd into!) I'm not going to store my bank account details but I would like to store my webosnation log in
    - secure memo to store pin numbers app
    - search / filter photos by date or even a calendar display like on modern cameras. to find an old photo I literally have to swipe through hundreds and hundreds of photos!
    - improved Bluetooth compatibility - I sometimes have to disable and re-enable Bluetooth to get it working again.
    - being able to save a map for a whole journey to my phone, so when I drive to an area with no data signal I can still see where I need to go.
    - being able to access / see the data online in my backed up profile
    - better data / sms / calls counters
    - mute / unmute based on location (e.g. unmute when I get into my car or arrive home), mute when I get to work (based on 1. wifi, 2. cellular, 3. gps)
    - Just type is great but the google predict pops down right as i'm about to select another search option, meaning I click the wrong option!
    - being able to add personalized just type options - like make up my own using a query sting and variable
    - change the pin lock the the android style dots / shapes so I can drag my thumb to unlock.

    WebOS developer:
    - timeline to next WebOS releases would be nice.
    - just make it much easier to get started making apps. a simple, one step install with all configuration preloaded so anyone can just get started writing code.
    - ability to port android apps to webos apps. or even better an emulator for android apps.
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    I would like to see Sat-Nav introduced to the HP Pre 3 (not sure what the delay is with NDrive??). I would also like to see better quality editing on the Touchpad - copy, cut and paste. Would be great to have an "i-tunes" system for Pre 3 and the Touchpad. How about a Kindle style e-reader and also a VOIP system like Skyp or Oovoo too?
    I'm based in the UK and I am a loyal fan of WebOS and hoping for great things despite the recent troubled past.
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