Does anyone know if I can use InternalzPro to delete the HP Maps (Bing powered) program so that I can then reinstall it from the Store? If yes, could you describe the steps?

Background: My Verizon Pre 2 after a program and data reset shows the Google Maps icon and when I click on it it says I have to install the latest version (which would the Bing powered Maps), but when I click the link and the app store opens up, it says HP Maps is already installed (it has the launch button instead of download, clicking takes launch me back to the Google Maps screen that says I need to install the new program). The application manager doesn't list Maps under the installed programs, but under the "Other" tab there is a entry with no icon or name but a version number that matches Maps. Trying to delete from there won't work; when I swipe and press delete, the pressing of delete doesn't create any response (the delete button doesn't even go away)