They might throw around some pocket change to sponsor niche/brand apps, just to retain relevance.

Although I don't believe there should be an app for everything, I've always been bitter not seeing "Available on webOS" next to iOS and Android logos for apps for local papers, malls, public transportation and the like.
But sometimes there's worse. I saw at Monoprix (supermarket chain in France) more than the usual suspects:

- Blackberry app World (ok, this is Europe after all)
- Nokia Store (uh fine, ditto)
- Samsung Apps? (aauughhh...)
Yes, it's a huge Koren conglomerate with enormous resources, but good grief HP. They serious don't have the cash or marketing chops to pay someone to port one of the above, or whip one up in Enyo? How much could this cost? $5 to 100 K? This is but the cost of a single lace or grommet in a golden parachute.

In this context of indecision, inaction IS action, and it hurts C'mon HP. Do something. "Developers, developers, developers" is only one side of the coin. To rally consumers, you need "partners, partners, partners."

Nice to see progress on the Enyo opensourcing in @webosinternals Twitter feed, and the App Hack contects is nice too, but more is needed.

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