This is the first time I'm posting here. I used my Pre Plus for about 3 months before it got stuck suddenly one day when I got an incoming call. Screen got stuck on caller ID and I had to remove the battery to get it to restart. after I turned it on again it was hanging on the "HP" logo and after a couple of on\offs I tried to Doctor it and it continuously stops at 8%.

I tried to follow the online guides on how to fix all kinds of things using Linux (which I am not really familiar with) and I think I've read every possible forum post talking about this kind of problem.

Yesterday I tried to follow the "Last resort emergency bootloader..." (I can't post links so you can just google it...) but I had trouble understanding what to do and what does this method does (OMAP something...?).

I would be thankful if someone could explain...

By the way, I'm from Israel and HP does not agree to accept my device via intl. shipment and to fix it under warranty so repair is not an option for me