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    According to Chuq, who jumped ship when it was clear HP was unable to sell webOS. This was mentioned in another thread, but I think it was vastly overlooked. There's too much blame pointed at HP nowadays.

    Changing of the Guard (and letting it down at the same time) @ Chuqui 3.0

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    I think people give Rubinstein too much credit. Rubinstein wanted to be Steve Jobs. He lacked the drive and determination to be a capable leader. This is reflected in everything that happened.

    HP did grab the patents and run. Inevitability.
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    I don't find any surprise in that 70/30 blame assignment within the context he gave it. Of course the webOS GBU was largely Palm and the product mistakes and shortcomings were largely Palm mistakes and shortcomings; the point is that HP was supposed to fix it, build on it, make it better. HP failed 100% to do that, likely contributed to the problems by layering more and more management over it, gave up, and then actively killed it. HP (Leo) took away the time needed for Palm to improve its products and address its shortcomings.
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    Thanks for this. It was an interesting read. I don't necessarily agree 100% only because HP probably should have exercised a bit more oversight considering they just spent $1B to purchase a company that was obviously bankrupt, which usually implies an inability to effectively manage themselves...
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