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    Since it was such a pain in the **** to fix Palm's Bypass tool to work with webOS 2.x I decided to share it with you all. Tested and works with webOS 2.2.4


    Running the Activation-Bypass Tool

    The activation-bypass tool is a Java application. To use the tool, you need to have installed Java and the latest webOS SDK (which includes the Novacom driver).

    1. Download the activation-bypass tool, which is available here, and save it in the location of your choice.
    2. Boot your device into recovery mode, as described above.
    3. Run the activation-bypass tool from the command line by issuing the following command: java -jar devicetool.jar

    The device will reboot. Once the device is booted, it will be in developer mode, and the first use procedure will not be required. The device will be ready to use, subject to the limitations of non-activation.
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    Just double-click it.
    Twice if you have to.

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