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    I have had this issue a few times(2 back on 2.1, and 1 now). My alarms just disappear, and it changes my clock theme, back to default too. Is anyone else having this issue? If so, is there a solution?
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    It's a well known issue and the bug has been submitted to the webOS engineers at HP. They are aware of it and are looking into a fix. (annoys the heck out of me too)
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    Ah, not just me then. I have noticed this. I'm using the 'clock on exhibition mode' patches. Don't know if that's a factor.
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    just throwing in my +1. It was solid on 2.2.0 (unlocked UK version, so never had 2.2.3). Need to reset my alarms every night.

    On that note, this update as a whole introduced more bugs than it fixed. The only thing that got better for me after the update was reception (especially 3G signal). Everything else went down the **** chute.
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    A note to all with this alarm problem.

    My wife was having the same issue with the alarms just dissappearing on her frankenpre2 with 2.2.4. If you go into Preware and install the "Preset Reset" (by Jason Robitaille) or "Reboot Scheduler" (one I put on the wife's phone) programs, this will reboot your phone daily. After doing this my wife's pre has not had a problem. It seems to only be an issue if the phone is on for days.

    hope this helps

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    Thanks DJeremyC,

    Unfortunately, for me at least, this isn't an issue caused by the phone being on for a few days at I can reproduce the problem after a reboot. We have been in contact with the HP webOS engineers and they are aware of the issue and have promised to look into it since the bug has been around for quite some time. We have also given them the link to this thread to show them that this is not a one-off occurrence. In the meantime, using Preset Reset is a good work-around.

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