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    I understand that say, putting 2.2.4 on a pixi, which is a different screen size, processer etc is impossible,

    and going from webos 1.4.5 to 2.1 is a huge jump,

    but, would it at all be possible for the homebrew crew to create a metadoctor for webOS 2.2.4 onto the pre minus/plus?

    Same screen size as the Pre2, almost same guts (just different processor speed, same board) and I am sure the kernel etc is very similer with a jump from X.1 to X.2.4

    Possible at all? Even with a lot of work?
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    I was wondering the same thing...
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    Perfectly possible when the OS is ooen-sourced and we have the kernel source. In the meantime, doubtful.
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