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    This is specifically for Jason, the man who makes me proud to be a Canuk, but I thought i'd generate interest as well.

    It would be really awesome to be able to extend Save/Restore to beyond just saving the app data on device, but to select to be able to sync it across all your devices.

    I'd love to play Angry Birds in the afternoon on my Pre3, and then pick up my tablet and have the same progress in the morning. Or have my Shopping List app data synced across all devices.

    It would be awesome to create a server side login for Save/Restore so that all of your Save/Restore info would not only be backed up online, but also sync every day to all devices.

    Who is with me? I would even pay $1/month for the login service. Save/Restore uses very little data, so it would cost next to nothing for bandwidth, I think $1/month would cover it?

    What do you think?

    Jason, what are your thoughts? Ill even setup the server/mySQL stuff for you in my spare time.

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    You might find this post interesting post # 52 :
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