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    I know this is a fan site but I would love to know what webos has now after it has been open sourced against meego in terms of capabilities and sdks?
    Also can a company make a webos phone and tablet without paying any fees?
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    Good questions. We won't know about the fees until HP releases their software stack. It's possible that some components of what we consider "stock" WebOS that are not owned by HP will either require a license fee or the use of a (possibly inferior) alternative.

    In general, sweeping terms, Meego and WebOS are very similar, using a linux kernel. The main application difference is the graphical layer. Meego is a hybridization of Intel's GTK-based Moblin and Nokia's Qt-based Maemo. WebOS uses Enyo/Ares, which is the html5/javascript/CSS mechanism.

    Darron Black ported several QT apps to WebOS as a tech demo and joined WebOS Internals. That could mean the Maemo developers could experiment with WebOS in a painless way, if the QT framework is fully ported.

    WebOS has one other advantage over Meemo; the 3D system is the same as iOS so it's a generally trivial effort to port 3D iOS games to WebOS. That's why we've got a pretty good stockpile of games.

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