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    I would post this in the Pixi forum but it's pretty dead, and I believe it fits here too.

    I have had a Pixi for close to 6 months, just recently got the Pre-Ware going on it (got rid of an Iphone to return to the device) & am really enjoying the phone more than ever. WebOs is now open source, and with no devices in the near future being released (I'm on Verizon and the Pre 3 is just way expensive), I'm wanting to maximize my Os experiences. I've never really liked slider phones, but I was wondering what the major advantages to owning a Pre 2 were?

    May as well ask while I'm at it, would the original Pre Plus be suitable for what I'm wanting to accomplish? Ebay prices for a Pre 2 are in the 100 range while Pre Plus is under $70

    Input please? Thanks
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    The Pre2 is a much more solid phone, especially the slider.

    My wife hated sliders, so she got a Pixi. Then when she saw the veer, the slider was more solid, and she loved it (still does)

    But yes, the Pre2 will give you a much better WebOS experience than the Pixi.
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    I know some slider phones are pretty fragile and break easy... how would you rate the slider on the Pre 2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pml86 View Post
    I know some slider phones are pretty fragile and break easy... how would you rate the slider on the Pre 2?
    My Pre 2 slider has been at least as good so far as that of my original Pre. Most would say it's definitely better. The Pre2 in general is made of sturdier materials than the Pre/Pre+. Having said that, I've found the Pixi to be a surprisingly tough-as-nails little phone compared to any of the Pre's, just for the fact that it has no moving parts if nothing else. Besides that, I know people who have accidentally dropped their Pixi's in puddles and toilets, run them over with a cars, had them thrown by toddlers, and chewed by dogs, and the Pixi still kept going. My Pre2 is very sturdy in my opinion, but I don't know if it could take THAT much abuse.

    I can't speak much for the Veer, but it seems like kind of a cross between the Pixi and the Pre...also has good speed and sturdy build/materials. If you're on AT&T you might like it. I tried it in a store once and the slider felt VERY solid. I'd just rather get a Pre series phone myself over a Veer to have the bigger screen.

    If you prefer non-slider phones, stick with the Pixi for now. The main downside to the Pixi is that it's got a smaller screen and is a much slower phone than the Pre2. It is also running an older version of webOS compared to the Pre2 which means some apps aren't available for it.

    On another note, if you do keep your Pixi, use Preware to install Govnah and Uberkernel, which will allow you to set the Pixi to run at a somewhat faster speed at least. Lots of threads here about it, and the instructions for the Pixi are just about identical to the Pre.
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    I am also on Verizon. I started with a Pre+ when that came out, picked up a deal-site Pixi+ earlier this year because it was so cheap - and loved it! I thought I'd switch between them but I stuck with the Pixi+ (great keyboard, faster than expected, so slim and light) over the Pre+ (loose slider, yellow spots on screen, mushy keyboard). Then around March I was able to get a Pre 2 off contract - this time I did switch between the Pixi+ and Pre 2 a few times, before settling on the Pre 2. Mostly because I was using my original profile that had more apps I used (switching phones wipes them if you connect to wifi and it sees you're on another device - so i used a new profile and didn't re-buy any apps)

    a HUGE advantage to the Pixi+ is the free Mobile Hotspot. yes, freeTether on my Pre 2 worked, but the offical hotspot always seemed to work better.

    I splurged on a Pre 3 a few weeks ago and have found my forever phone! it's awesome in every way!

    good luck!
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    My pre 2 is solid as a rock. I've dropped it at least 50 times from 2ft+ in the air, and slider is still gliding along like a champion showing minimal wear. Phone working wonderfully, at least 7-8 months old
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