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    (This might be in the wrong section)
    If they do decide to keep(I really hope so!) WebOS, do you think they'll make a new smartphone version of WebOS that would work on the Pre3?
    I am hoping they do because it's not like the specs are "bad".

    But it seems unlikely when you look at their track record.
    Anyway! Point of this is to just get a little discussion on the go about if they make a WebOS 3/4 for smartphones do you think it'll work on the Pre3 and what kind of features would you like to see?

    I can't really think of anything in particular but an overhaul wouldn't hurt considering WebOS hasn't changed a whole lote since 2009.
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    if for some miraculous reason they keep it, I think you are more likely to see a new webos phone powered by samsung or HTC as the launch h/w partner. They are unlikely to do anything more than patch updates for the old generation of devices.

    Of course there's always @webosinternals group and meta-doctor - so if new webos versions are released, I'm sure they will look at finding ways at backporting if possible any new features.

    24 hrs from now this post may seem funny. =D
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    If HP Keeps WebOS... I will make Meg Whitman statue as Wonder Woman that saves WebOS, and put it in my room .
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    If hp keeps webos and restarts the original plans, i will buy stock. And wait for devices, and buy them as well. I love this pre3

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