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    Quote Originally Posted by mattbrad2 View Post
    This has million dollar lawsuit written all over it.
    I'm sure HP *would* shut down the servers if it only cost them a million dollars more lol, considering they claim a multi-*billion* dollar loss on webOS thus far.
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    As mentioned before, phones are operational with or without backup servers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bearda View Post
    If it's already set up you can use your phone. If it's erased or a new activation you're hosed. There are still carriers who have Pre2 on the shelf. Even if the user backlash is minimal the carrier backlash as Verizon realizes every webOS phone it has can't be sold would nice be pleasant.
    I doubt the carriers would continue to sell them at that point.

    However, quoting from the WebOS Survival Kit - WebOS Internals

    "There are techniques available for all webOS devices to bypass both carrier and HP/Palm activation requirements. We can take a brand-new never-used webOS device and make it fully functional with access to any HP/Palm servers."

    So again, these are problems that have been solved. The solutions are not generally available because they are unnecessary at this time. But they are ready to go.
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    I was surprised to learn that Replay TV's servers were kept operational with new data up until just a few months ago, when the devices themselves haven't been sold in ages(according to wikipedia last new one sold in 2005).

    So I wouldn't expect HP to shut off the servers, just keep minimal staff to help them limp along for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arema View Post
    too bad, long ago webos/palm taken by "poor" managed company like hp
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