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    ive noticed since i got preware working on my pixi plus its screwing up my windows explorer on my laptop. Why is this?....... does anybody know if its something to do with having discoverable mode enabled ordisabled cause once i got it on the the pixi and some other themes and patches set i turned it off. Dont get me wrong i hit cancel out window and windows resets itself....phew thank god worried me at first. Does anybody know if u can still sync music and other thinproblem being gs with it enabled and choose just charge and it will work. problem being i have to use windows files to eject it after im done for users that do the same u know what im talking about.
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    It is more then unlikely that preware is able to do this. Sounds to be a coincidence.
    Since my english may not be the best: you "hit cancel out window and window resets itself"? I have never seen something like "cancel out window". Can you explain for a german (not connected to Mr. Apotheker in any way) what you mean?
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    Maybe the OP is talking about WebOS Quick Install.

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