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    I just got a tablet and did the update on it. When it got done I could not use the screen for any thing, The only way I can bring it up when it goes to sleep is the power button with the home button. It will pop up the usb connect screen but I can not do any thing on the screen to connect it to the usb Any Ideas.
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    For a reboot you need to press home and power for (I think) 10s.
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    If a reboot doesn't fix it I would say contact support for a replacement. This would be covered under warrenty. I will place a link at the end. Probably best to contact on week days if likely to have to do an exchange as you are. I prefer chat as I can do other things while I wait on responses and I can understand what they are saying. Just got done talking to chat about my TouchPad which a row of the touch screen doesn't work and I have to contact on Monday to process exchange .

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