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    Quote Originally Posted by ursula View Post
    Yeah but the iPhone is one device VS the thousands of Android phones. When put in that perspective iOS kicks Android to the curve. (not being biased, just telling it like it is)
    Forget volume and check profit -apple is the king.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inertia1 View Post
    OK. Let's say you get a thousand people to pony up $100 each to buy support for their $99 Touchpads. That's a cool one hundred grand. I'm guessing you could get developers to do a bunch of patches and get maybe one name app ported over to webOS from another platform. Does it even make any sense?
    No, it doesn't. It needs to be at least a couple million dollars, and maybe twenty major apps for it to begin to be worth it in my estimation. If we can't get scrape together at least 20 thousand webOS supporters as a start then there won't be any point to this.
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