Yes. Totally. I dont care what anyone else says. I have an ipod. Wife has a bionic. Forget blackberry.

Just swipe up alone.... that puts it way ahead of any OS. Dont be afraid of the late Jobs' awesome device. Multi Tasking cannot be duplicated. In fact i'm typing this on my wife's bionic miserably and wish i had my pre2. Why do i not have the pre2? Because i'm sitting in the car with my 3 year old (sleeping) with her phone while she is food shopping with my pre 2 with "more" battery life on it. Ok navi is awesome with android (side note).
HP is moronic as well as ruby/palm. They somehow convinced some wicked devs to write great code and then failed to sell it. Idiots.
Other than gps sucking pre2 is perfect. Oh and get gpu, throughou,t for once will you? What are you? RIM?

And Ashley E... hottest nerd chick to date.