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    I just took a look at the slingbox website (haven't been there in a while) and noticed that they now have slingbox mobile for SYMBIAN. ***? How can they support Symbian and not WebOS considering they were one of the original "coming soon" partners for the pre-? Its like a beating that never ends....
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    Yeah that pretty much sucks cause I can sure use an app on my touchpad. Don't really use it much on my android phone but for a tablet! Could be a real winner for me, its like everyone throwing WebOS under the rug far to soon.

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    Symbian was, until maybe a year or two ago, the largest smartphone OS in the world and it still has a large percentage of users throughout the world. That's why.
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    either way Symbian is still just as dead as webOS atm.
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    Don't upset me gang... I thought I was the most dedicated supporter of Webos until HP shafted myself and every other Webos user. My biggest gripe from the very beginning of Webos was no Slingplayer (even though it was on Palmos for yeaarrrss). Then the promise of Slingplayer in Webos2... then webos never appeared on the original pre... then I had no choice but be forced out by HP (a long HP supporter by the way) and buy a HTC android phone (which still can't do some of the basic stuff of Websos)... depressing!

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