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    I'm a little out of the loop on competing platforms, so I humbly ask you to correct me if I'm wrong -

    What are the things webOS has going for it?

    1. Superior UI. In a world of Android variants, the cards metaphor is a strong one. Some are copying it, but to a lesser extent (limit on instances, instances go to sleep when minimized)
    2. Synergy and multi-device cloud integration. There are ways to accomplish this with other OSs, but it's seamless with webOS. My devices know about Facebook, Google, my work emails and calendars, my personal emails and calendars, and they all coexist without any extra effort than setting up my device.
    3. Open platform. This is different than open source, obviously, but there's no need to jailbreak your phone/tablet. Access to system-level functions not only exists, but encouraged.
    4. User Community. The underdog always has the most avid supporters.

    So this is a pretty nice little OS, obviously mishandled by its various custodians.

    Will HP kill it? Less likely than a month or two ago.. but think about the various incarnations of Palm. Others can list the various events where it was huge, then dying, then dead, then resurgent, then dying, then revived, etc. How long has this been going on? I've seen companies and tech get acquired and killed, acquired and dying a natural death, acquired and scavenged for parts. I can't think of one that has had the Phoenix-like quality of Palm.

    A while back someone posed the question here "who will HP sell webOS to?" - and one wag said "Palm". You know, stranger things have happened, and there's a trend there..

    Best thing in the world would be for HP to sell it off to a hungry entrepreneurial company.

    Meg Whitman at least realizes that she shouldn't just give up like Leo wanted to. There's value in this OS, and she's at least a decent enough CEO to realize that they should parlay this asset for a decent chunk of change, and not just piece-meal patent garage sales.

    Individual Android producers don't come close to Apple - though in the aggregate they're doing fine. There's room for a third party here.


    Please continue with doomsday scenarios as speculative as ones mentioned above.
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    Guess what my TouchPad is called? Yup, "Phoenix," and it ain't because I live there!
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    I agree, but I'm not sure anyone is willing to take webOS where it deserves to go. I think it go to number three in short order but it will take at least 5 years to get significant market share. I would love to see it happen though.

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