I have just read the following in the Palm developer forums:
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Hey, all. Next week (the week of November 20th) is Thanksgiving week here in the united states. I wanted to give everyone a heads up that there will be -- at best -- a skeleton crew here in webOS Developer Relations. This is going to affect answering email, dealing with developer questions and app publishing.

It is safe to say a lot of us are taking extra time off around this holiday, so we're going to be slow at answering email. Monday (11/21) and Tuesday (11/22) you'll see limite staffing. Starting Wednesday people will be running for the hills (some literally, as skiing season is starting), and thursday-Sunday (11/24-11/27) is holiday time so expect nothing unless we see something on fire and can convince someone to go in and throw a bucket of water on it.

Everyone in the states, enjoy your holiday, and we'll get back on it refreshed and rested right after. Those of you not in the states, just relax and realize we're off and don't freak out if we don't answer your email right away...