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    I have an android phone running apps to look like WP7. So I dont know which category you put me in. lol.

    Honestly though, If you are a webOS user who is into tweaking and modifying stuff, go Android. Its the only other OS, in my opinion, that you can "have fun" with.
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    I couldn't get over the way wp7 has words trailing off the side of the screen *on purpose*.

    Also, fwiw, you don't have to have a messed up disjointed mash of widgets on your android phone if you don't want to.


    QFT. Totally agree on both counts! I have two home screens totally empty right now.

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    The only other OS that I'm interested in right now is ICS. I'm planning on giving the Galaxy Nexus a try while I wait and see what happens with webOS and it makes me sad (but I want a new phone.)
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    I have a bad history with Apple so I would NOT buy an iPhone. Also, I don't like the way they control setup, apps, and instilation.

    BBX phones are closest to my beloved Pres, but that is a questionable future now.

    Androids are the most open with a lot of stuff (some of it very good). However, my husband has wanted to smash his many times. I have never felt that way.

    Right now I'm staying with my phone until ICS or Windows8 or something else are in the wild. I'll keep mine going as long as possible to find a good replacement. I'd rather old tech than crappy tech.
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