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    Has anyone had any luck getting WebOS running on any other devices? Like the HTC Evo or Evo 3D? I just got an Evo 3D and really miss WebOS, but I have no alternatives. I'm thinking of maybe taking this phone back and getting the Iphone 4S, but I would rather have WebOS on my HTC phone.
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    No. And there aren't any efforts to do so, as far as I'm aware. The effort involved would be about as much as it took to get CyanogenMod off the ground for its first release, and webOS isn't even open-source so it couldn't legally happen in the first place.

    tl;dr: No. Don't expect it to ever happen, either, on legal and technical grounds.
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    Right now there isn't that much need. We have the Touchpad (even if the price has gone "up" to half the original price) and there are plenty of Pre3's available on Ebay.

    Now, priorities may shift next year....

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