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    My Sprint contract recently expired and I am contemplating life beyond Palm....which has been part of my work/home life for a long time (palm pilot, treo, pre minus), as I know it has been for a lot of others here. Forgive me if this two-part question has been covered already, but I didn't see it in searching threads: is my Palm Profile linked to my Sprint account, that is, if I move to a different phone that doesn't use it will it be deactivated? And, can my Pre- live on as a wifi-only machine with access to my Palm Profile and various apps? I could imagine it being a useful little machine around the house - email, running Pandora, e-reader, social networks, etc.
    Thanks in advance for your help,
    Milwaukee, WI
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    Your sprint and palm profile are two very different things. Your pre will continue to work as a WiFi device without sprint. Only thing to keep in mind is that only one phone can be signed into a palm profile at a time, or the old one will be propted to be wiped. There are ways around this with homebrew but that is beyond what your asking.
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    Your Palm Profile has nothing to do with your Sprint service plan. Your Palm Profile will live on regardless of the status of your Sprint service.

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    Thanks! I am very happy to hear that. I am curious whether there are many folks out there doing this, that is, switched to other phones but still using their Pre on wifi? Tips, tricks, workarounds appreciated.

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