Here is an excerpt from the press release below.
My question: are they saying inside HP that MSFT is a better choice for mobile because HP software can easily move between the phones and tablets and pcs whereas webOS still hasn't proven this?
Where is webOS in all of this? Where is Ruby?

I agree with Kendrick that HP can't keep asking us to support webOS without clarification on their end. I realize that my app purchases have been increasingly skewed towards the little guy [except for the Dr Seuss "What was I Scared of" book which is awesome] and I've avoided the larger guy ( ie Splashtop, I missed the promo--Kalemsoft, I am using TouchPlayer instead) as I am trying to navigate the uncertain future while we wait for HP. I am mindful also that it takes a few months to close a deal and for all I know HP is finalizing some deal with a buyer for webOS and we will know by year's end; on the other hand webos internals is preparing for app catalogue shutdown.

"Powered by an HP Z800 Workstation, the HP Photon Engine solution uses multiple projectors to create a scalable "super projector." HP's proprietary image processing software mathematically blends light sources to generate high-resolution images by painting with dots of light on any straight or curved surface.

In addition to delivering 3-D content, the HP Photon Engine solution lets users view structured or unstructured data -- including unlimited streams of 2-D video, internet content, documents and photos -- on single or multiple surfaces to support rapid decision making. Users also can seamlessly move and manipulate data from a wireless device such as a tablet or smartphone on the shared surface and collaborate to quickly solve complex problems. "

HP Introduces Expanded 3-D Portfolio - Yahoo! Finance