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    Im starting this thread to find out, how in your daily life you find yourself trying to use features of webOS, this isnt to discuss what features are lacking or what you want webOS to have...with that said...

    i've recently been finding myself typing in the address bars of browsers to perform a quick action eg: entering in my login username for particular sites

    and of course the common one of swiping up to close screen, before it was smart phones but im doing it at ATM's now too....grrr...stupid buttons who needs u...haha

    so what other things have you dont that made you feel a little silly and a little i dont know sad, cause webOS isnt every where :/
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    Gestures on other mobile O/S'es. I know that's not *exactly* what you asked....
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    i subconciously expect every device i touch to have a just type feature. many come close, but none match it.
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    "entering in my login username for particular sites" What do you mean and what do you accomplish by doing this?
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    Mostly I just try to use gestures on every mobile device.
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    Just got a Garmin and expected to pinch and zoom, just type, swipe to go back, pop open another app... Nothing but back arrows.

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    flicking up on my windshield to get rid of traffic jams...

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