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    I overclocked my TouchPad using UberKernel and Govnah. Please explain why or why not if you can because I am interested in how it works.

    I have have the Alpha2.1 version of Cyanogenmod 7 installed on my TouchPad
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    No - because software settings in one operating system do not impact another - you need to download "setcpu" or similar to overclick in android. BTW as I understand it, the touchpad is currently underclocked in CM7 to 1ghz.
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    You can overclock CM7 on the TP to 1.782 Ghz with the default kernel it ships with. I have CM7 on my TP and it seems pretty stable for an Alpha.

    CM7 comes out of the box clocked at 1.188 Ghz max for the TP.
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