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    Where exactly is the Bookmarks file located in the directory structure? I have been looking for it but cannot find it.
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    I found a really old article that says the bookmarks are stored in Bookmarks.db. Searching through a fully expanded webOSDoctor file I cannot find this file. Using Internalz file manager and trying to find it manually has also yielded no results. I was able to find the Cookies.db but the Bookmarks are not in the same folder. So apparently the file is not created until first use (not in webOSDoctor) and with no search feature in Internalz, I have not been able to find it.

    Nearly 50 views and no one knows where it is?
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    Look in Browserapp.jsjsjs $which$ $calls$ $to$ $the$ $DB$ $through$ &$quot$;$DbService$&$quot$;.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twack View Post
    Look in Browserapp.jsjsjs $which$ $calls$ $to$ $the$ $DB$ $through$ &$quot$;$DbService$&$quot$;.
    Yes I had found that file. Unfortunately there are two files named "com.palm.browserbookmarks". One is in the kinds folder and the other is in the permissions folder. They are just definition and permission files but neither actually list the specific file that is being called by the bookmarksService. It is my guess that this file location is hard coded in the service since I can't find any reference to it in these config type files.
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    Unfortunately it doesn't seem that there is a way to access the Bookmarks from any application other than the browser application. Here is the official word from unwiredben over at Palm.

    There's no separate file for the bookmarks. They're stored in a DB8 database. You can use luna-send commands to query the bookmarks from the database, but there's no one file to pull off the device and parse.

    The command from a root shell to get all of the bookmarks in JSON form is

    luna-send -n 1 -f -a palm://com.palm.db/find '{"query":{"from":"com.palm.browserbookmarks:1"}}'
    You can't run this from an application, as you need the ability luna-send has to masquerade as the browser app, and luna-send isn't part of the jails for PDK or node services.

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