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    Any way to get all of my contacts off of my Sprint Pre? Need to export them to another device. Simplest way to just get them from one of the synced accounts, say email or something? Never had to port my contacts as the list has never gotten this big, hate to have to redo all of them the old fashioned way. Thanks!
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    What device are you switching to? Where are they currently saved?

    I know back in the days of Treo, I had mine saved onto the Palm Desktop. Once I went to Blackberry and the web started to develop, I decided it'd be best to have them saved/stored/live on something more permanent than a cell phone. At the time, Address Book on my Mac won, but once Gmail started taking off, Mac sends to Gmail and everything else gets their info from Gmail.

    Could your stuff possibly be saved on Gmail? I can't remember if this is possible, but maybe you can go through each contact and resave it onto Gmail.

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