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    So with all the discussion about WebOS and HP possibly making Windows 8 (or whatever it's called) devices I am wondering. Could HP merge the two with each other? I mean HP could make a Windows device and drop on Enyo, a enyo-powered Synergy app, and their own app center for Enyo based apps which could give them some advantage and put their WebOS tech to good use.

    Would that be possible?
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    What is possible is that HP would make it's own apps for Windows 8 and they will look and act like webOS apps.

    That being said, webOS is a victim of its own timing. HP bought Palm because Microsoft was dragging its feet in the mobile space. Unfortunately for webOS, Microsoft would still become a major mobile player before webOS could get enough dev support. HP cut their losses.

    HP will hold onto all of Palm's patents and webOS will get absorbed into the company as the default OS for all non-Windows devices.

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