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    My pre finally bit the dust and bestbuy insurance will replace the phone with something else, the don't have any more pres in the system. All of my contacts are backed up on the palm profile. Is there any way to get the information from the palm profile so that i can get it into another device?
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    Have you tried logging into it via the web? They may let you export your contacts list that way. Like you my pre- bit the dust. I use my gmail account so that it works on all platforms right out of the box. May wanna do that. Just some advice.

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    Where were they stored? I think since I've had my pre, the contacts were actually in my Gmail account.

    Do you just need to view them to write them down and type them into the new device? You could maybe buy a Pre on eBay or here, do what you need to with it, then resell it.

    Just curious, what are they giving you? I was having issues with my Pre and Sprint's sending me a refurbed one.

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