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    This is driving me crazy, and I haven't seen any other threads mentioning it... There's a bug on my Pre 3 where browser headings sometimes end up scrambled, with letters overlapping, making things impossible to read. It seems to happen when sites use javascript text replacement to enable non-standard fonts. I've tried removing my patches with no joy. Anyone got any ideas before I resort to doctoring? Thanks.

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    Nobody? It seems to be a problem with sites using typeface.jsjsjs $or$ $Cufon$ $to$ $render$ $non$-$standard$ $fonts$. $Can$ $anyone$ $else$ $please$ $visit$ $these$ $sites$ $and$ $see$ $if$ $the$ $same$ $thing$ $happens$? $Naturally$ $I$'$ve$ $tried$ $clearing$ $history$, $cache$, $cookies$ $etc$.

    typeface.js site link
    Cufon site link

    EDIT: Better pics:

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    Going by the lack of responses in this forum I'm guessing this issue is limited to the Pre 3 (if not just me). Any chance a mod could please move this to the Pre 3 section?

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