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    I have an AT&T Pre 3 with HP webOS 2.2.3.

    Question: Is there any way to rearrange the order of contacts on the favorite (Star) view?

    I have tried adding and deleting but it seems to put them in its own order, not alphabetical or numerical (phone #) order.

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    just hold and drag the contact. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnj2803 View Post
    just hold and drag the contact. :-)
    Hold and drag does not work. I press, and the contact background changes color and when I drag the whole screen scrolls. That was the first thing I tried and was surprised that it did not work. I then looked for a way to reorder them similar to what you do when you reorder bookmarks in the browser but no joy.
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    it should work. Try resetting/restarting your phone. And do it again
    My flickr Pictures taken by the Pre (pre plus and pre3)
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    this has been consistent through many java, luna and device resets.
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    Have any other Pre 3 encountered this?
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    I also can't reorder the favourites list. If I press and hold on a contact, it 'floats', but I can only drag it to the site (which prompts me to delete/cancel). Anyone figure this out?
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    Seems to be alphabetical to me. I can't re-order it on my Pre3.
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    hp pre3 with webos 2.2.0, alphabetical
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